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Beauty & the Beast

This amazing shoot has been featured in the press! It has been featured in the Modern Wedding Styling Handbook 2014 edition. I’m so thrilled to have this in print and it was just an great shoot with such amazing talented people.



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As the song goes “a tale as old as time” …this classic fairy tale story has always been one of my favourites since I can remember. I’ve wanted to move away from the vintage look so this shoot was about bringing modern twists to a classic favourite.

The photoshoot took place under the sunny skies of Sydney, on one of the greenery parklands put together by one creative team. Eliska from Ruffles & Bells is such a remarkable stylist bringing in all the elements together, using  a colour palette of yellow, gold, purple and blue.

This was a very exciting shoot as we have a real couple who happens to be both professional models. Lea Michelle and her partner Rede Carney were amazing to work with, bring this romantic shoot to life.


Miss Julie Makeup showcased her amazing makeup and hair styling creating different fresh looks for Lea and at the same time complimenting the beautiful bridal gowns from Savvy Brides. We were lucky to have the Grace gown designed by Rose and Delilah as one of the gowns for ‘Beauty’.

As for Rede’s look, we wanted to capture a causal look to depict the ‘Beast’ wearing casual and ripped clothes, but as the shoot evolved, the ‘Beast’ started to be more dressy to impress ‘Bell’ and capture her love. The shoot then ends with the a grand tablescape celebrating their love, featuring candlesticks and rustic accents.


To tie everything together, we had Minnie’s Sweet Creations creating incredible cakes and sweets for the couple and working hand-in-hand with 2 Love Birds Sweet Design’s stationery design. The stationeries featured a damask print which was then digital printed on the cookies and cake with rich colours of purple and blue.

Hanako from Hanako Floral Designs created several masterpieces for the flowers for the shoot. Using berries, David Austen roses and yellow tulips, she created a perfect balance to describe Belle’s mysterious and sweet personality that translates into her style. as well.


Photographer: lilelements (
Stylist: ruffles and bells (
Bridal dresses: Savvy Brides (
Male fashion: own model’s clothing
Cake: Minnie Sweet Creations (
Hair/Makeup: miss juile makeup (
Models: Lea + Rede
Furniture/Props: Something borrowed vintage hire (
Florist: Hanako Floral Designs (
Stationary – 2 Love Birds | sweet design (

Audrey’s Pearl Dreams

This shoot is one of my fav photoshoots I’ve ever had, I’m so happy that it got featured on Wedding Chicks. Please head over there to check out the full post. weddingchicks

About the Shoot:
It is hard to look past Audrey Hepburn. She is a magnificent historical style icon. Very few in this industry would disagree. Her charisma is adorable and her beauty is phenomenal. She was our inspiration for this shoot and we wanted to create a modern representation of her. I wanted to create a vintage glamorous theme. I haven’t seen much pearls being used for weddings and I don’t see why not, they’re elegant, round sleek pretties which add a nice touch of vintage glam.

The photo shoot took place in Melbourne residential household. The interior design had a French provincial atmosphere, just stunning, I wish my house was just like it. The creative stylist Eliska from Ruffles and Bells helped birth this vision and we couldn’t have done it without her. The colour palette used were the classic creams, whites and a touch of blush and black.



The gowns by Cathleen Jia was stunning, such beauty of lace and designs. The dresses had a vintage inspired design with a twist of a modern touch, I adore the cream and white colours with some of the amazing open back designs. I wanted to get married right there just by looking at these pretties. The model, Asleen Mauthor was perfect in the dresses and her magnificent looks reminded me of Audrey Hepburn. Babydolls Make up Artistry did a flawless job on the makeup. Tan Tran’s magic on the hair created that gorgeous Audrey Hepburn look we were aiming for.


Paper & Style Co. brought in beautiful furniture and props to the shoot which suited the luxurious interior design. 2 lovebird designs using their talent created the stationary for this shoot, such simple and graceful designs. Studio Cakes made such pretty sweets which were so beautiful that it was too pretty to eat them but also at the same time their looks heightened their appeal in taste. I love the lace icing on the heart cookies, I was amazed at the finishing touches. Amazing attention to detail was displayed.

We couldn’t have done this shoot if it wasn’t for the loveliness of pearls and accessories which were supplied by Olivia Marcheline – Genuine Collectible Vintage Haute Couture. Some of the pearls dated back to the 1940’s, they really were to die for, the girls and I just couldn’t stop playing with them and wanting to try them on.


Photographer: lilelements (
Stylist: Ruffles and Bells (
Fashion: Cathleen Jia (
Accessories: Olivia Marcheline – Genuine Collectible Vintage Haute Couture Accoutrements (
Makeup: Babydolls Make Up Artistry (
Hair: Tan Tran
Model: Asleen Mauthoor (
Furniture/Props: Paper and Style Co (
Florist: Wunderplant (
Cake: Studio Cake (
Stationary: 2 Love Birds (



{Wedding} – Marissa & Bruno

Congrats to the most down to earth couple I’ve ever met! It was such a beautiful and intimate wedding with just family and very close friends. The weather was stunning with it’s blue skies and sunshine. The bride had chosen a special location for their ceremony, it was a place where she and her dad used to go often to go fishing as she was growing up.

{Love Shoot} – Jayda & Paul

Ruffles & Bells and LIL ELEMENTS have came together to give away a styled engagement shoot. The lucky winners is the happy newly engaged Jayda and Paul.

Read their beautiful story below…
The two were struck by cupid’s arrow after locking eyes at Hugo’s Lounge in Sydney’s Kings Cross on a Sunday evening. Paul was originally out with some friends for a couple of drinks, while Jayda was out with her friends for a farewell party. To sum up the night Paul and Jayda got more than they bargained for: a special type of LoVe that could (and will) last a lifetime.

The night the two love birds met Jayda was on a working holiday maker visa and Paul was organising his own business/ trying to find a new job. Unfortunately, this meant that after a few weeks of getting to know each other Jayda had to fly back to Canada to finish off her studies (e.g., 3 more years) and Paul had to stay in Australia due to work obligations.

Their time apart was a true test to their relationship and to say the least, their love conquered the distance.

After months apart from one another at a time and two years invested into their relationship, Jayda was finally accepted for a student exchange at the University of Sydney! This meant that Jayda and Paul could finally be together without having to put up with muffled/dropping-out telephone and Skype connections.

The next two years flew by quickly for Jayda and Paul and before they knew it, it was time for them to go back to Canada for a visit…which included a “surprise” proposal half-way through their trip.

On the day that Jayda graduated from UBCO, in Kelowna, BC, Paul had asked her parent’s permission for their daughter’s hand in marriage. (Luckily, Eusty-boy and Louise said “yes!”.. and we’re over the moon to welcome Paul into the family).

To Jayda’s surprise the next day, along the beach in Kelowna, Paul popped down on one knee (nervous as could be) and asked Jayda, “will you marry me?”, with the most beautiful diamond ring Jayda had ever seen! Jayda’s response, filled with tremendous joy and love was answered with a huge: “of course!”

To this day, their love for one another grows stronger, and wiser and they could not be happier to have found true love and the most amazing sort of friendship in one another.

Styling: Ruffles & Bells – Event Styling and Planning
Photography: lilelements


{Love Shoot} – Darlene & Minh

Launching our new package… Style engagement shoots
Stylist/ Props/ Florist/ Photographer: lilelements

I’m so happy to have been asked by the lovely Darlene to take her engagement shoot. She was telling me how much she loves pink and gardens, I begun styling a theme for her and wanted to be something different. And behold, the lace vintage theme having willow trees surrounding them.